Promise, Mission & Edge

Each Learning Engagement is a LIFE INFLUENCING Experience, focusing on the "the HOW, in PRACTICE"




focuses on experiencing , discussing, understanding

& practicing Hands-on Concepts, Tools & Techniques


The Manual

is comprehensive, interactive & designed to act as a personal reference after the workshop


Action Planning

an action planning session is conducted at the end of each workshop, where  specific learning points & actions are identified, to be discussed / worked on with the direct manager after the workshop


Progress Management

Coaching solutions are also used to manage & support the participants progress


"a la Carte"

Open Enrolment Seasons

         Fall Season (Sep – Jan)

         Spring Season (Feb – Jun)


International Affiliations

Assessment Methodology



Business Simulations


         Leisure Time

         Retail Rush


Covered Topics

All below 4 areas, as detailed in the "Capabilities" section

         Business Growth

         Corporate Capability

         Industrial Supply & Commercial Sourcing

         People Productivity