El Kalaoui Consulting was established in 2001 to continue the heritage of DEVELOPING LEADERS & providing PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE SRVICES.

Our name & story goes back to the area of El Sheikh El Kalaoui & El Kalaoui law office corporate;

There was a sheikh named El Kalaoui, he was responsible for training & developing the princes in Mohamed Ali citadel.

In the last century, a legal consulting office was among the leading professional corporate services in law.

We as El kalaoui Consulting took the developing & training from El Sheikh El Kalaoui & the professional corporate services from El kalaoui law office.


El Sheikh El kalaoui & the founder of El kalaoui law office was our founder ancestors and because we take pride in our beautiful mother language Arabic; we named our firm El Kalaoui Consulting.





EKC is a Major Catalyst for 
Egyptians’ Global Recognition 
as Significantly Contributing to “World-class Business Standards”





Partners Total Satisfaction
Delivering Real Value
Innovative Practical Solutions
Becoming Better Humans Everyday




BOLD Leadership & Passion to Make a Difference / Add Value
Breathing Win / Win
Creativity & Fresh Thinking
World-class Quality & Professionalism
Smart Communications & Multi-cultural Teams
Persistence & Hard-work
Learning & Becoming Better Humans, Everyday 




We Apply, Coach, Consult & Facilitate Training Workshops
based on Practical Business & Functional “Concepts & Models”, 
to address our Partners’ needs, throughout their Business EVOLUTION …

from the “Entrepreneurial / Start-up” Mode,
through the “Family / SME’s” Set-ups,
into the “Structured Business” Stage,
& the “World-Class / Global” Practices.