Business Growth


         Strategy & Entrepreneurship

o   Strategic Management

o   Business Continuity

o   Entrepreneurship

o   Business Evolution


         Finance & Investment

o   Investment & Modeling

o   Financial Reporting

o   Planning, Budgeting & Costing

o   Islamic Finance


         Market Impact

o   Marketing

o   Business Development

o   Sales

o   Customer Experience



Corporate Capability


         Human Resources Management

o   Strategic HRM & Business Culture

o   Organization Design & Structure

o   Compensation & Benefits

o   Organization & Talent Development


         Business Operations Management

o   Excellence & Quality Management

o   Programs & Projects Management

o   Work-flow Management

o   Ongoing Management Systems


         Change Management

o   The Strategic Change Plan

o   The Change Journey

o   The Change Communication Plan

o   Leading People Through Change



Industrial Supply & Commercial Sourcing


         Supply Chain Management

o   Strategic Supply Chain

o   Demand Management

o   Inventory Management

o   Supply Planning


         Industrial Management & Excellence

o   Industrial & Production Management

o   Product Design & Quality

o   Quality Assurance & Safety Management

o   Lean Sigma


Sourcing & Procurement

o   Sourcing

o   Planning & Controlling

o   Purchasing

o   Contracting



People Productivity



o   Creativity & Multiple Intelligence

o   Life & Career

o   Communication & Serving Customers

o   Performing, also across Cultures


         People Impact

o   Management & Analytical Capabilities

o   Persuading & Selling

o   Negotiating & Presenting

o   Leadership & Influence



o   Team Building

o   Team Work

o   Team Planning

o   Team Leadership