a Highly tailored implementation-focused process of one or more sessions, driven by improvement challenges.


Competence Coaching (Building Capabilities)


Focused on developing the participant capability, with the following objectives:


         On the Job Coaching

         Performance Feed-back-based Coaching

         Assessment-based Coaching

         Proof-sealing a Learning Work-shop

         Building on a Learning Work-shop

         Competence Gap-focused

         a Learning Refresher 


Business Coaching (Achieving a Challenge)


Team or one-to-one session(s) focused on addressing specific business event(s), challenge(s) or problem(s), whether...




         Holistic / Total Business

         Externally Focused

         Product Delivery

         Corporate Capability

         Functional / Sub-functional


Executives Coaching


Gain a trusted fresh perspectives...


          while making a critical decision,


     or      regularly as a bouncing wall.